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Reality Now
There are two
major problems
Our energy needs
are predominantly
covered by fossil fuels.
75% of the total energy demand
is provided by oil and gas, where as
electricity only covers 25% of
our energy needs.
Reality Now
Reality Now
Reality Now
Of these 25%, only 2/3 are renewable,
while 1/3 are from fossil origin as well.
The 75% fossil energy is mainly used for
mobility and heating.
Reality Now
That's why there's
only one way:
We must compensate the 75% fossil energy with renewable electricity
And we must replace fossil electricity with renewable electricity.
Reality Now

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With the Riseon System, we can compensate almost the entire oil needs with renewable electricity.
With an occupancy of 2/3 of the most suitable roof area, the entire motorized traffic can be electrified.
With an occupancy rate of the remaining 1/3, the entire heating oil demand can be compensated.
Reality Tomorrow
Reality Tomorrow
An increase of 4% in electricity translates to
a compensation of 25% of the total energy demand, meaning 50% of oil consumption (75% of oil-based fuel)
Another increase of 3% in electricity translates to
an additional compensation of 16% of the total energy demand, meaning 32% of oil consumption (100% of oil-based heating fuel)
Reality Tomorrow
Reality Tomorrow
Reality Tomorrow

41% less energy consumption | 82% less oil consumption

The future is near

Annual expenses for oil imports are 14 billion swiss francs
At least 11.5 billions can be saved annually
Over the 25-year lifetime of the Risoen System, nearly 300 billion swiss francs can be saved.
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Riseon System

Sustainable, Decentralized, and Self-Sufficient energy supply. More cross-linked than ever.
Cube Family

The energy system of the future

«We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them»

– Albert Einstein
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Storage Cube

Sustainably created energy is stored directly when not required. One storage cube has a capacity of roughly 5KWh.

Inverter Cube

The inverter cube has a direct output of 5KW and can discharge a storage cube with up to 3.5KW. Direct output and discharge power increase linearly with each inverter cube.

Trade / Share

To make this possible, it is necessary to implement a decentralized trading system with its own cryptocurrency. Trading ledgers are based on the original idea of blockchains, but with some substantial modifications to overcome the well known limitations. There are no transaction fees of any kind and the need for miners is completely eliminated.
The proposal of Riseon Power Technologies AG is to create a virtual market place to trade real electrical energy among the people. People will be able to trade energy units (Quanta) to a cost determined by three simple, but adaptive rules. Transactions are carried out completely decentralized and without any additional fees. What you pay is what you get.


Our Values

«We not only want to change the energy market,
we want to reinvent it.»
By implementing cutting edge technology, it is possible to completely decentralize energy distribution and eliminate the omnipresent vulnerability of the so called single point of failure.
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